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    During the last 196LIB reunion, I was privileged to meet the CO of Charlie company who had sent Ricky (retarded guy) out on that fateful one man LP in front of the NVA. In earlier posts on Ricky, I described that night. In talking to the ex CO about it, I got the Officer's point of view.
    He feels that each man in the company has a duty and responsiblity to achieve the company goals. Lack of intelligence does not disqualify a soldier from this duty.
    For instance it is well known that the youngest men will be more likely to charge a machine gun when ordered to do so. They will have a 1 in 4 chance of living. So you must sacrifice three of them for the good of the company. Their trust and their youth are company assets. It is also known that you cannot use dimwits to scout a village, they can't see the difference when Charlie is there.
    The CO was, in fact, a very caring person that has a greater responsibility to the company than he does to the individual. His opinion was that you don't want a company of brainy people only -- you need a good mix. A good officer can then use them all to the best advantage. I have to admit that this CO brought home a lot of GI's under impossible circumstances. Charlie Company 4/31/196th LIB -- 1967

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    Outstanding Mike,

    A wise man indeed!