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(6/21/01 10:25:35 pm)
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Have a "ratty" 37 Tula 91/30, metal is pretty good, but the stock...solid with lots of dings, but with a varnish finish that's REALLY ugly...

So I did what I sometimes do, lightly sand, so no cartouches or markings get removed, leave most of the dings, it's historical,after all, (one might actually be from a buttstroke to a Nazi's jaw, or a brick from Stalingrad, right?) and put on a couple of coats of True Oil with rubbing in between.

Usually comes out looking alot better, but my question is...

My old can of True Oil must not have been sealed tight when I went to use it Tuesday, it was harder than a rock, so today on the way home I stopped and picked up another bottle.

It was like $4.85 for a teeny bottle...

Why can't I use plain Linseed Oil instead? It's like $3.89/quart.

Anybody try this? Is it harder to work with? I heard it's real close to what the original old military stock finish was in most European mil arms.

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(6/22/01 12:56:43 pm)
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Boiled linseed oil has been used for many years, Polish.

Yes, it will approximate that used by the various militarys and will provide treatment to the wood. Keep in mind that most military stocks received just plain old gun oil rubbed into the wood by soldiers after the initial factory treatments. Many soldiers used glass to scrape down the wood, then used "boning" techniques to rub to a smooth semi-gloss finish. Have you ever tried "Linspeed" oil? Used to be the cheapest and quickest way to finish out a stock.

I have been using Formby's Tung Oil to finish stocks the past 15 years, or so. Can be bought in any hardware store where the furniture refinishing stuff is kept. A dozen coats of that over a good filler and sealer, hand rubbed each time and then finished to a dull gloss with felt pads and J-B compound leaves a finish that is a delight to behold - pretty darn'd tough in the field, also! Touch-ups are easy.
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(6/22/01 6:58:31 pm)
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I use boiled linseed oil half and half mixed with lacquer thinner - work a couple series of coats of that in. I like the more open grain finish, more of a "depth" to the finish.
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