Refinishing Mossberg Receivers

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    Mossberg 500 Aluminum Receivers
    There have been millions of these shotguns produced since 1961, and more than a few are being used by police and military personnel around the world. When they get beat up and banged up, the aluminum receiver has always been a problem to refinish. There are various bake-on lacquers that do an adequate job, but the absolute best way to handle the problem is to re-anodize the receiver.

    Here are some pics of a Mossberg 500ATP 8-shot 12ga we just rebuilt for a Harris County Sheriff's K9 deputy. We black-parkerized the metal, then blasted the receiver to match the texture of the steel and black anodized. It's a perfect color and texture match. The stock/forend is from Speed-Feed, with our custom 'NightRider' urban nighttime camoflage pattern. The gun absolutely disappears in typical nighttime conditions, whether moonlight conditions or full dark.

    Anyway, let me know what you think and give me some feedback. I'm thinking of offering these as packaged conversions with nightsights and choke tubes.
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