Refinishing SIG P226

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    Reply | Edit | Del All Anyway to repair/cover scratches on a Sig 226?
    Greetings all,
    Ive amassed a few scratches that have penetrated the black coating on the top of the slide on my Sig 226.

    I know that with use the weapon will not remain looking new forever but Im curious to know if their is a remedy for this short of sending the weapon back to Sig?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Anyway to repair/cover scratches on a Sig 226?
    Your option, of course, is to have the whole slide refinished. You could choose any number of finish options from a hard-chrome to a black coating like Birdsong.

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    Reply | Edit | Del Ive thought of doing so but...
    Im in law enforcement so turnaround time may prevent me from sending it out for a refinish.


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    Sure. Just touch it up with some cold blue. If it's just a few scratches, then the three stick blue pens work well. My SiGs have had many a battle scar removed that way.
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