Reforming.06&.270 Brass to 6.5

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  1. zant

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    Sep 24, 2009
    I've been using brass that came with rifle but just got 500 30.06 and .270 to reform.What trim to length do I start at and full resize before or after.Thanks..
  2. Bindernut

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    Oct 24, 2007
    ND, USA
    What 6.5 cartridge are you forming? Is it a "straight up" 6.5-06?
    If so, the max and trim-to length are the same as the parent .30-06.
    2.494" max
    2.484" trim
    The same lengths apply to the 6.5-06 Ackley Improved (which is just a "blown-out" version of the cartridge.

    Since the .270Win (and .280Rem) is longer than the .30-06, personally I would trim these to .30-06 length before necking them down.

    -First off, anneal the case necks.
    -Trim the .270 brass to .30-06 length.
    -Next, neck the brass down to 6.5mm. I would actually do those 30-06 in two steps...first to .277" or .284", then a final neck-down to .264". The .270Win brass can be necked down in one step/
    -Trim to length and check neck thickness (read on for more details)
    -Load em up.

    You will need to trim after necking down anyway because all that excess brass is going to go somewhere. Some of it will go forward and lengthen the case and some will get swaged down and thicken the neck wall.

    Speaking of thicker neck sure that you check the thickness to see that it is not over max spec for your rifle's chamber. That's ideally done by doing a chamber cast on your rifle to see what it's chamber dimensions are.
    Otherwise, the 6.5-06 drawing in the Hornady 7th Ed manual shows 0.298" for max neck diameter (this is with a bullet seated in the neck). Turn your case necks to get that spec or preferably 0.001-0.002" under just to be on the safe side. Doing some quick math off of the Hornady drawing, I would shoot for a 0.015" neck wall thickness.

    The easiest way to form 6.5-06 is to neck up .25-06 brass. This way you don't have to worry about the necks getting too thick from swaging them down. the necks will be a bit thinner since you're stretching out the .257" neck to .264"
    But since you've already got a stockpile of .270 and .30-06 by all means use them.
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  3. Twicepop

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    Jan 9, 2012
    NW Ohio
    In addition to this, if you're trying to make 6.5 Swede out of the aforementioned brass, don't do it. Swedish Mauser brass is larger at the base than '06 brass, and a blow out is possible when loaded to max or near max pressures.

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