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When the Seabees landed with assault forces at Vella Lavella, it was no picnic. Jap bombers were playing havoc with the unloading operations by strafing and bombing the men. During this melee a beaching ship loaded with men and essential equipment found itself unable to land sufficiently close to permit unloading of the equipment. it lay at a tantalizing distance from the beach, a perfect target for the bombers. Sizing up the situation the Seabees reasoned that the tall palm trees at the waters edge could be felled so they could make a bridge out to the ramp of the landing craft. this idea was immediately translated into action as the Seabees, went to work with axes.

With the cocoanut trunks forming a bridge, a bulldozer was brought ashore. It was then used to fill in the structure with coral, so that the rest of the equipment could be brought ashore.

"All of these acts were accomplished between intermittent strafing and bombing by enemy aircraft, said the commendation"
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