Reloading 45 ACP

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    I haven't reloaded in years, so it's like starting all over again, I need equiptment, so please se my want, wish add in WTB..

    I'm looking for a good formula for a good load using a230 Gr. round nosed FMJ bullet. what powder, how many grains, the general tell me, I don't have a book yet. Thanks for any input
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    My all-time favorite general purpose load for the 230gr FMJ is 6.0 grains of Unique with standard CCI pistol primers.

    5.0 grains of WW-231 works well too and probably flows easier through automatic powder measures.

    I have used both the Lee 1000 and the Dillon 550 progressive loaders. The Lee is less expensive and does work OK, but the Dillon runs a little smoother.

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    BlackGun, do yourself a favor and get with the Dillon 550 B press, full automation is the way to go in tedious repetive loading operations. Like Doc said...smooth and'll love it.

    Loading with it will soon pay for itself.

    Try AA No. 5 powder, it burns very clean in .45 acp. Look to the loading tables to push bullet in the 800 fps + range. Shouldn't be any bullet drop at normal shooting ranges with that oompth.


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    Re: Reloading 45 ACP
    Dillon all the way!
    Using similar numbers for both Unique and Win231.

    Also, be careful with the crimp! I managed to mis-set my crimp die (need to buy some more tool heads for the Dillon, so I can quit screwing around changing dies), and ran off 200rds with too strong a crimp, getting several failures-to-fire since some rounds aren't headspacing properly.


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    Doc hit the nail on the head. Equivalent factory load for 230 FMJ is 6.0 gr. of Unique with CCI Large Pistol primers.
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