reloading frangible for a 40 cal glock

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    Apr 4, 2008
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    Guys I dont usually post , I read alot . I ve been relaoding for some 20 plus years .Recently I got some frangibles from J&G foa reloading only as they got wet. I fully resize the cases after checking for correct case length I m using remington primers after I remove the crimp . my load in this starts with Clays universal @ 3.7 grains not 4.0 cause I was concerned with the length of the bullets and a very light crimp COAL is 1.125. They dont feed in a Friends Glock . In my 4056 they are fine . I contacted Federal they were no help I rechecked the factory stuff to find a COAL of 1.128, they still stick in the barrel ie do not eject .This is confusing as the brass is in new condition all checks out . I then loaded this same bullet to specs for the next weight of 155 grains using 5.0 of same powder . I am not doing anything wrong Whats up Thanks for a great site sincerely Scott:
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