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    What are the pro's and con's of using reloaded ammo in your gun?


    Reloads are less expensive to shoot or you can spend the same money and shoot more.

    You can tailor the ammo to exactly what your gun likes to maximize the accuracy (rarely do two identical guns like exactly the same ammo recipe).

    You can shoot down loaded ammo so as to save the gun and/or you.

    There is the joy of making something.


    Virtually no gun manufacturer will honor their warrantee if you have shot reloads in it and it is broken (just don't ever tell a gun manufacture that you shot reloads in their gun!). Virtually every instruction manual that comes with a new gun reveals this. They do this because there are some dummy reloaders out there that produce overloads that stress and sometimes break guns. Commercial ammo is usually much safer in that respect (but not always!).

    Poorly made reloaded ammo can break your gun and maybe you.

    I have many, many guns and virtually none have ever seen commercially loaded ammo. I reload for over 30 different cartridges. I have had a mistake or two over the last 20+ years and fortunately neither me or the guns were harmed. In each case it was my mistake which I quickly learned from. In each case I had deviated from the reloading manual's instructions (BAD!!!).

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