Reloading: Which Press?

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    Reloading Presses - single stage vs turret vs progressive

    There are three major reloading press styles. All reload equally good ammunition. The differences are mainly about the speed of producing ammo.

    Single stage presses require to be setup for a single reloading process. The cartridges cases are then processed as a batch for each setup of the press. The case has to be placed and removed from the press for each processing step. Rifle cases make the most sense for single stage press reloading and single stage press reloading not so much sense for handgun calibers. It has to do mostly with the volume of cartridges typically needed for handgun shooting.

    Turret presses have multiple stations where the reloading dies are placed. Each station can be setup to do one of the processes. The cases are loaded once onto the press and remain in the press, as either the dies are moved over the case or the case is on a moveable table in the press. Turret presses are versatile as they can be used exactly as a single stage press or as a turret press. Reloading on a turret press is about three times faster that on a single stage press. Turret presses make great sense especially for pistol calibers but also rifle calibers. It takes three or four pulls of the press handle to complete one round of ammunition but the case only has to be placed on the press once.

    Progressive presses work like turret presses in that they too have multiple stations. But because of the way they are made, there are up to five cases in the press at one time, all standing in line to get the next process done to them. Each pull of the handle gives you one completed cartridge that falls off the press into an awaiting box, and up to five different processes are ongoing to up to five different cartridge case. Progressive presses are at least two to maybe three times faster than a turret press. But they can be versatile IF the table does not rotate automatically. That kind of a progressive press can be used as a single stage press, or turret press, or fully progressive press. Not all progressive presses have a non-rotating table.
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