rem. 700 .243, bullbarrel

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    Dec 29, 2009
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    Let me give you some insight on my ? before I ask it. My family started me hunting whitetail deer at age 12 with a mdl. 94 30/30(1979), with iron sights. At 16 bought my own mdl. 670 .243 and mounted a 3x9 scope on it (got a deal on both). For 14 years I have used that same gun (bought and sold many mdls. and calipers since) and have fell into a comfort zone with that caliper for whitetail deer. I have luckly many of places to hunt in mo., ks. and co., which family or myself have built tree stands with gun rests on those locations. I have been looking for a deal on a heavy barrel .243 for years now ( possibly mdl.77 ruger) and resently found a bullbarrel mdl. 700 .243 cdl w/ a world class plus 8x32 scope mounted on it at a pawn shop for $900. I bought it for $650, put the scope on another rifle, and mounted a model 3200 elite 3x9 bushnell scope on it. My ? is, was this a deal or not? The month and year are stamped BV on the barrel, stock has no imperfections, barrel and chamber look almost unused, the shop gave me former reciepts (on its serial #) showing the crown and action have been trued. There is one scratch on the blueing where someone screwed the sun shade on the scope though(scope mounts arent shimed properly). When I was young I got screwed, or payed to much for various guns, I think I came out alright on this deal, did I?
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    IMO you did gooood!!
    Going to gun auctions give's you a real good idea of what stuff is worth. After reading your post I remember back to the 1st wk of Oct. here in northern Iowa where there was a mod 700, bull barrel w/ a Leupold 4x16 scope and Harris bi-pod complete w/ a nice leather sling and leather gun case...real nice & clean unit.....chambered in 25-06 and it sold for $950. Granted .....that Leupold scope was sweet, and pushed the bid up a tad!!
    And if you went to buy that arrangement new couldn't touch it for that price....the scope alone is probably $500-600 easily today!
    For me .....I like the .243 for recoil and genearal cost to operate over the 25-06....although the 25-06 is indeed a fine caliber...

    Enjoy your mdl 700 in .243....defiantly a fine deer cartridge..


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    I would not consider that a good deal or a bad deal. I believe you got your money's worth but not what I would consider a killer deal.