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(8/5/01 11:56:26 pm)
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I bought a Rem 870 Express Magnum a year ago (18.5", cylinder choke, extended mag, SpeedFeed stock) that I just recently had the chance to test fire (yeah, I know that's pretty dang stupid, and I could say I work too dang much, but still no excuse really .... )

Anyway, I finally got around to test firing it. I only had some cheap Winchester shells with me, 2 3/4", #8, low brass....First few shots were fine. 5th and 6th were hard to eject. I reloaded and shot again. After the first shot, I couldn't eject the empty at all -- the slide was locked up tight. I had to take off the end cap and remove the barrel to clear the jam.

Any ideas what I should look for????

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(8/6/01 11:45:08 am)
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Sounds to me like a gun that needs a thorough cleaning and light lubricating. If you fired those rounds rather quickly, the lack of cleaning and the heat expansion of metal would cause a lock-up. Cooling down will normally let the slide release. The 870 is one of the more dependable pumps.
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(8/12/01 7:08:15 pm)
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I posted the exact same question about 1 month ago. The only difference was my new shotgun was a browning bps. The first time i had it out, i shot about 50 rounds through it. The last round i shot jammed like yours. We were done for the day anyway so i took it into the rangemaster. He held the slide and bumped the butt on the ground. The shell popped out. I cleaned the gun really well and took it out again. After about 10 shots, i could tell the shells were sticking. The last 15 or 20 i shot were hard to eject. the responses varied from: crappy ammo (sizing error at factory), to the bore of the chamber is to big and the shell expands when fired. It was recommended to send it to browning for any work. I started with the ammo. I was shooting walmart cheepo Federal sporting clay ammo. You know, $15 for 125 rounds. I changed to the cheaper winchester ammo. I have shot that through only once and had no problems. I did clean the gun with a meticulous hand before shooting. I will continue to shoot without cleaning for a while to see if it jams up again. I would try the same thing i did and see if you have any luck. Start by cleaning really well. The guns come from the factory with grease that is hard to remove. We might have not got it all before shooting and gotten some nasty buildup in the chamber. Then try switching ammo. Dont go right to the expensive stuff, because you should be able to shoot anything according to remington/or browing. I hope it works out for ya. Dont be discouraged by the problem. You purchased a great gun (most dependable i know of) and will enjoy many years of shooting with it. This problem will pass.

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