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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1952Sniper, Mar 8, 2003.

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    Reply rem 870 mods
    I am going to buy a rem 870 syn 12ga. from a local retailer. getting a good deal from a friend who works there. I have a Browning BPS for my field gun and I want to build a tactical selfdefense shotgun out of the 870.

    Want to add a mag extension, barrel shroud, pistol grip (type that still has a shoulder stock), and a buckshot choke. I havn't bought a firearm in a while so am out of the loop as far as accessories go. What brands and products do you recommend for this application. I am willing to pay more for quality and reliability. i would like the mag length to match the barrel length, so what size mag ext/barrel should i get. want to stay away from the 18'' barrel if possible.

    like to use 00buck but will keep #4 for self defense. what ammo/choke combos do you like. any other recommendations for needed accessories/hardware. i want it to look, sound, and feel mean

    thanks for your help in the past (old handle - bagoosh). i knew right where to come with these questions, you have always had great answers on this board. hope everyone is well.

    in appreciation

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    Reply Re: rem 870 mods
    Make your shotgun look like this...

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    Re: rem 870 mods
    I advise against the pistol-grip only shotgun because people invariably miss with them. Remember that at house-length ranges your pattern is going to be well under 12" in diameter - very easy to miss. You really need a shoulder stock to properly aim. Look to Choate or Knoxx products.

    Tac-Star's sidesaddle shell mount is fine.

    A 20" barrel is pretty optimum, normally will allow a total of 8-rounds in the mag. Use Improved Cylinder for buckshot.

    New 870's already have the Flexi-Tab follower so reliability mods should not be an issue.

    I prefer white light sights to lasers for home defense since they allow you to ID your target before shooting. Tac-Star's is as good as any.

    Another good choice for 870 accessories is Wilson Combat/Scattergun Technologies.

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    Reply Re: rem 870 mods
    Whilst I would hesitate to disagree with the esteemed ZigZag... I wonder if you need to make your 870 look like that example. There are other ways to feel the force, Luke.

    Pistol grips are difficult to use & as the Dr said, hard to hit anything with. You might as well whack 'em with it once they get close enough to shoot 'em.

    A good light is important as is a set of decent iron sights.

    Look at taking a tactical shotgun course. Even with a bog-standard 28" 5 shot pump gun, with training you'll be able to out shoot, out maneuver, and (most importantly?) out think any intruder. Money better spent.
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