Remington 03A3 1943

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    I was at a dealer recently, and saw a pre-owned (of course) Remington 03A3 1943 tagged at $700.
    I believe the date on it was 9/1943. The stock is straight with very few dings, actually very clean. The crown looked ok & the bolt & chamber looked real nice. The place was hopping, so I did not ask questions about it. Does the price sound out of line? I would want it as a shooter.

    Remington 03A3
    Straight Stock, very clean
    S.n. 4,083,998
    barrel date 9-1943
    condition: excellent, clean, very good blue
    bore & chamber: excellent, shiny, clean
    rear sight, peep
    includes sling

    I've seen 'em on GunsAmerica for ex...
    Rem 03A3, 9/43 barrel, sn 4,050,3xx.
    $650 + shipping ($25) + FFL transfer fee ($40 around here). That puts it higher in price than the local one, that I can handle & examine.
    Seen 'em online also for $595+$25ship+$40 transfer.

    I haven't shot in any CMP matches, but do have an NRA pistol course certificate, & plan on becoming an NRA Pistol instructor.
    To buy a CMP rifle, it seems you need to belong to an affiliated club (I do) plus shoot in some CMP competition.
    Am I correct?

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    I competed on the High School smallbore rifle team in competitions many moons ago, 1977-79, when HS's around these parts were allowed to have teams/clubs of that nature.
    If I need to compete 1st, I guess I'll just have to make the time to go do it. I am not as proficient with the larger rifle calibers, as I am with .22's and centerfire pistols to .45 & .357, but I'm looking to do more with the rifles. I am waiting for that snow to melt, so I can tromp down to the range with my M48 Mauser.

    I've kinda heard that CMP rifles are "like a box of chocolates; you never know what you might get".

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    NETracker -

    Seems the prices for the 03's and 03A3's just keep escalating. Last one I had was the '03 Mark I with the Pedersen slot in the left receiver. Pristine rifle - sold it for $475 a few years back and later saw the dealer at a gun show with it having a bayonet installed and a price of $825 marked on the tag!

    If you are finding them on the net for around the 600 buck, plus shipping and FFL fee, the $700 plus tax at your local dealer probably isn't too bad, especially as you can see and inspect it before purchase. As you say, those coming from CMP or one of the auction sites may or may not be in similar shape.

    Keep in mind, the stock shape and length of the 03's and 03A3's can cause uncomfortable shooting (too short and too much drop in stock) unless you adjust accordingly. I always added a slip-on recoil pad and a lace-on cheek rest to get the proper sight picture without ruining the original stock, or resorting to restocking. They are fine shooters and love 165 gr reloads.
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    Thanks for the tips.
    I have recoil pads around the workshop, but
    I had not thought of a cheek rest.