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I've been having more than usual ftf issues lately. Not sure if it's the cheap bulk pack ammo or not but I'd still like to strip it down and give the bolt a thorough cleaning. Can anyone help me out with the takedown?

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Probably could use a good cleaning in the trigger group.

It's fairly straightforward and strips down pretty much like an 870 shotgun with a few little differences.

1. Unload (DUH!) the mag & remove the mag tube.
2. Remove the two pins that hold the trigger group into the receiver & pull the group out.
3. Next, remove the barrel dowel screw on the left side of the receiver & the barrel lock screw on the bottom of the receiver.
4. With those two screws removed you can pull the barrel/mag/slide/bolt assembly out the front of the receiver.
5. You can remove the bolt from the receiver by pulling the action bar out of the groove in the side of the bolt.
Reassemble in reverse order.

That's all the farther I tear ours down for cleaning.

After typing all that I checked the Google links and found this vid.
The guy does pretty much a full tear-down of the 572...more than ya need for cleaning but it's still covers the rifle pretty good.
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