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Remington 770 Bolt Action too tight!

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I've read a lot about this online pertaining to a Remington 770 Bolt Action Rifle.

I purchased one in July 2012. Although I haven't fired it yet I've noticed that out of all the Bolt Action Rifles I own, the Remington Bolt seems to be way too tight..... I don't know if I need to clean off all the oiling & with it dry, just play with it till it loosens up a bit or keep oiling it & try working with it that way....

If anyone has had the same problem, please let me know how you were able to get it to act right. I mean even the 1942 Mosin M91/30 I picked up for my Birthday in August has such a smooth Bolt, you hardly have to pull on it. It slides really easy. Now I'm sure it's partially because it's probably a used rifle but even so [but you'd never know because it looks almost new!], they did make sure that they were all in working order [One salesman bought two & told me that the only reason he got them was because they were carefully checked out prior to selling them.

Anyways back to my Remington, there has to be a way to loosen up the Bolt Action.... Help!!! & Thanks in advance, Dan
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Its crudely manufactured and not deburred. Pull the bolt and check its lugs and the bolt raceways over thoroughly for burrs along the edges. Also check the lug recesses for burrs as well.

Could be they machined the bore of the reciever a tad undersized, or the bolt body a tad over, Either would be a good thing as all youd need to do is lap it til its smooth. And avid custom rifle shooters pay alot of good money to have a gunsmith tighten the fit between the bolt and reciever of a rifle action as part of the blueprinting process. But i doubt this is the case here..
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