Remington Design Quirks

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    Remington Design Quirks
    I don't normally get too "cranked up "about a lot of things but I read and article in one of my magazines about the newest Remington products. They are going to come out with a new version of the old Model 600 Magnum. This will have a laminated stock , hinged floorplate instead of the plastic trigger guard of the original and a sensible 22" barrel. What has me "ticked off" is that those idiots are going to put a vent rib on the barrel again! If I remember correctly, they first came out with the Model 600 with a vent rib and that was as popular as "passing wind" in a church. Then they came out with the model 660, which eliminated the vent rib. What the He-- is going on here? What possible use is there for a vent rib on a rifle? Maybe someone there is confused and doesn't know the difference between a rifle and a shotgun! Could it be that the same idiot is still working at Remington after all these years? Ah! I got it figured out! They will be chambering it for the .300 SAUM and the .350 Rem Mag. It has to be that this rifle is intended to be used exclusively for rapid fire at charging grizzlies. Under those "common" circumstances you need the vent rib to cut down on heat mirage from that hot barrel. You need a nice clear sight picture with the iron sights if you don't want to get "et up" by all those charging bears!
    Anybody out there have a rational explanation for the vent rib?
    MY next gripe is also about the 600 carbine. I'm a big 6.5 fan. The 6.5 Mag cartridge was a good one,I consider it to be about the same as a .270 Win. What posessed them to put a flat shooting cartridge like that in a rifle with an 18 1/2 barrel? They signed that cartridges death warrant by that decision! They should have only sold the 6.5 Mag in the Model 700.
    I really regret the passing of the 5mm rimfire Mag. I feel like I'm the last guy alive that has actually hunted with one. It just wasn't the right time to introduce it and it didn't sell. I think that now it might sell but I'm sure that It ain't gonna happen.
    I'm not bad mouthing Remington, I do like their products but sometimes I just don't understand them!