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(4/26/02 6:22:40 pm)
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I have tried several lube products and so far my 2 Hi-Points love that rem Drilube stufrf I like how it dries quickly right where you spray it and stays there. My question is I have sprayed the ramp and firing pin a few times without really cleaning the gun good and would there be a major buildup of this stuff. So should I only use this spray when I plan on cleaning the guns each time.
And I do see some white flakes sometimes after shotting a lot. after spraying
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(4/26/02 9:09:05 pm)
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We tried it in our 10/22's and had a considerable buildup in the action to the point of malfunctioning. I would go light on the stuff. It seem to work best that way.

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(4/27/02 7:29:34 am)
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This is a problem with all spray-on DRY lubricants. These are usually graphite, molydinum disulfide, or teflon particles suspended in an evaporative medium....and they tend to build up.

Their best use is in extremely cold weather, where they don't thicken and congeal like oil.

If you're going to use them on a regular basis, it's best to use them sparingly, and clean your gun thoroughly before each application.
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