Remington Model 14 with Special Canvas Case

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    A friend of mine gave me his father's Remington Model 14, 35 Cal to detail. It is in great condition with only wear on the slide. What is interesting ,it is in a special canvas and leather carrying case made to carry it when it is broken down in 2 pieces. It also has a special pouch for cleaning supplies which has another canvas case marked "Marbles Jointed Rifle Rod, No 9728--28 Caliber and up 26 Inch" and then has the Marbles address. The cleaning rod and accessories are in the bag. Does anyone know if this case was made for the Model 14? The two halves of the rifle fit perfect in it. I would think the rifle would be worth around $700. However, if this case goes with the rifle, how much more value could be added to it? Looking for a ball park figure please.
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    A well made case can add maybe $50 to the value of the rifle, a custom leather case much more. Those cases made for takedown guns date to the days when hunters often got to the hunting areas by train, and a takedown rifle in a short case was easy to put in the overhead rack of a passenger car and easy to handle in crowded cars and railroad stations. Perhaps not a bad idea today for airplane travel, but I don't see much sign of either takedown long guns or the cases coming back.


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    Marble's did make a canvas cased portable cleaning kit. That's most likely what you've got. They're pretty common to find at gun shows in my part of the country...most of em incomplete.

    Does the long case also have a Marble's, or any other brand name, tag on it? Does the stitching and fabric match the cleaning kit pouch?
    I doubt the case was factory Remington but it is possible. More'n likely it's aftermarket
    I would think a Remington case would be marked or at least tagged Remington. I know Winchester sold canvas cases as part of their accessories lineup. I would suspect that Remington probably would have too.
    There were several companies that made cases for different brands/models just like Allen, Kolpin, etc still make some cases specifically for certain models today.

    I've got several old canvas cases. Some are fleece lined, some are flannel lined.
    Most are just common universal sleeves for shotguns or unscoped rifles, but I've got one Bob Allen for a take-down Winchester lever gun and several a little longer that will carry a break action shotgun when taken down. Those are Moose Brand (Brauer Bros), Bob Allen, and Kolpin.

    Can you post a picture of the case?

    I think you're about right on with the rifle value. Vintage accessories will add a bit to it, but it depends on what the accesories are.
    If the cleaning kit is complete & in good shape, it'll probably be worth another $40-50.
    Most vintage cases are worth that $50 bill too unless it's a factory one. Then it'll probably be worth more.
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