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(4/6/02 6:01:20 am)
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Hello folks, I am new to this as well. I have a few quick questions. I had just received a Remmington Model 41 from my recently deceased gradfather estate, so the value of it is of no importance to me, but I was wondering when the time frame was for production of these rifles. It is in relatively good condition, but as been put away for many a year. The barrel has discolored to a dull gray with brown in some areas, and is slightly pitted about two inches from the muzzle. Other than that, a little cleaning and lubricants and is is back to firing capability. Can anyone else tell me some more information abou this particular model? thanks

mhudgens, I moved your post to its own topic so it will not get overlooked. Welcome to TFF and enjoy yourself

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(4/6/02 7:44:58 am)
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hello and welcome to The Firearms Forum mhudgens. Any and all information reguarding your firearms is helpful.

I'm sure Antiquedr, will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

But until then... what I see is your Mdl.41 was produced between 1936-1940.

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(4/6/02 8:29:09 am)
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Re: Question from mhudgens
It would appear that the question is already answered capably. Even so, the 41 Remington is a very nice vintage .22 rifle. That particular series of Remington has not yet come into its own with collectors, but I believe it will.

Keep it and shoot it, its a fine rifle.
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