Remington Model 514

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    Without checking sources, does anyone know if the Remington Model 514 has achieved C&R status yet (were any produced over 50 years ago)? I know it would be difficult to check since they weren't serial numbered, but...

    I once picked one up for a princely sum of $15, complete with M1 carbine jump case, and my wife quickly took ot over as her gun. Would love to get her another one someday.

    Anyone have a 514 for sale, perferably in Missouri, so we wouldn't have to go through the dealer/NICS rigamarole?

    RobC in Missouri
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    514's began production 1948, but remained until about 1970. They would have been serialized after 1968.

    The only 514's that MIGHT be eligible as C&R, based solely on age, would have barrel codes TT, UU, or WW. Pretty thin, though...

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    Got one with a "LXX" barrel code and sports a "4" on the other side, nicely browned and still an excellent shooter, not fer sale them singles. LTS
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