Remington Model 8, Model 81

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  1. lonerockut

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    Nov 8, 2005
    I need some help here, I just got a 1946 built Model 81 Remington, decendent of the Model 8, you know kind of like an A-5 but for rifle cartridges. This one is in 300 Savage, the only non remington propriety round it was chambered in I believe. My experience is limited in semi auto hinting arms, I've owned or had experience with a few semi auto military, (AR, M1, Ljungman, Mas 49) Its heavy but balances well, I'd like to know anything anybody with experience can tell me . Or even what hearsay you've heard, just identify it as such. Thank you
  2. BobMcG

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    Nov 27, 2005
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    I'm not too sure what you're looking for information wise but I have a deluxe model 8 in 35 Rem that's a fine shooter, at least with Rem 200gr SPs. It was equipped with both the stockers and an old Marble tang sight. I've removed and stored the stock rear sight and put the screws back in. I've carried it whitetail hunting and find it has only one drawback. The safety disengages with a rather loud audible click. Doesn't matter how slow you move the lever while covering it with a gloved hand. It goes CLICK ! It's easier to re-engage it quietly because a real slow lever does the trick. Check your's out before you go into the field to see what kind of luck you have. Other than that, I really like it a lot.

    PS: I love seeing these described as having a front sling swivel. What a narrow sling it would take! It's the takedown screw.
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