Remington Mtn Rifle in .280 Caliber

Discussion in 'Large-Bore/Small-Bore Rifle/Shotgun' started by ctchap70, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. hardluk1

    hardluk1 Member

    Nov 15, 2011
    nc mountains
    You do know even with some very well used cartidges you can find ammo in stores but it many times is not the brand and bullet you really wanted. I order most of mine that I don't reload. Better prices even with the added cost to ship most every time.

    Handloading is a bit slow to learn but valueble down the road as you can get just what you want. Cost?? just figure 200 bucks for what you need to start with. Midway usa has a LEE chalenger kit for 106, dies for 30 bucks powder, primers , bullets, extra elcrtonic scale for powder checking and a manual.
  2. gun runner

    gun runner Former Guest

    Nov 23, 2011
    South Texas
    I would sell the rifle and get a .308

  3. m77user

    m77user Well-Known Member

    Sep 8, 2012
    Jefferson City, Mt.
    I stand corrected and thank you for the information.
  4. 1 Eyed Jack

    1 Eyed Jack New Member

    Aug 19, 2011
    I can't add much to what has already been said, especially the fact that the .280, while maybe not well know/poular, is about as versatile a cartridge there is, just like the other calibre's mentioned of the same bullet size and muzzle velocity, me, I just don't like to sell a gun, always some regret of some kind,

    Learn to reload, sounds like you are on the right track already, are not going to need large quantity's I would stay with a simple single stage press, once you do your homework/reading on the subject, you will think"why didn't I do this before?", thats what happened to me anyway,

    So if you like the rifle and it's effective in your hands, then keep it and reload for it, the satisfaction of shooting your own, accurate reloads, just adds to the general enjoyment and satisfaction, it does for me anyway,
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