Remington Nylon 11

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    I have just acquired a Remington Nylon 11 and cannot figure out how to remove the reciever/barrel assembly from the stocks enclosed forearm. There is a large screw underneath by the trigger guard; but when I remove it I still cannot get enough rise on the reciever to slide out the barrel assembly.

    Any help or references would be greatly appreciated as I do not want to harm this fine little plinker.

    Thanks and have a safe New Years,


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    Hi trackerdan.....welcome to TFF.

    Keep checking of our experts should stagger in before long. He may even be sober enough to help you.

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    Nylon 11?

    I have a Nylon 66, is that what you mean?
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    The Remington nylon 11 is the bolt action clip fed version of that series. I don't remember the exact config of the 66.



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    Re: Remington Nylon 11
    The 66 is tube fed.

    If the 11 is anything like the 66, don't take it apart!!!!

    Even the best smiths cuss these things for all the tension springs, etc.

    I have a 30+ yo 66 that has never been taken apart completely, just cleaned and oiled, and it is still going strong.

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