Remington or Ruger

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    Reply Remington or Ruger
    Ok gents, I'm needing to buy an inexpensive 22 auto and am having a time making a decision. The biggest trouble is I cannot get my hands on the various models to try them for feel and see the workmanship. So, I turn to you, my friends...

    The gun will be used in the field for rabbits and squirells mainly. Who knows what else...

    What to choose? Remington 597 or Ruger 10-22?

    Any other recommendations? I did get a hold of a Savage but did not care for the "thin" stock and light weight.

    What do you suggest?

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    (3/18/03 8:24:32 pm)
    Reply Re: Remington or Ruger
    Well, me, myself and I would probably buy an older used rifle. I bought a new K10-22T last summer, and out of the box, all of my old Mossbergs were more accurate. The newest Mossy I have is a 144LSB (1976-1979), and the oldest is from 1935. Yes, the 10-22's have an abundance of mods that can be applied, but out of the box, MY experience has not been real impressive. I have heard more negative things about the 597 than positive, but I've never even held one. Please, no slurs meant to any rifle, just my opinion.

    Here's some of my oldies.....


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    Reply Re: Remington or Ruger
    I have also heard bad reviews with the Remington 597. The factory magazine is made of cheap plastic that is prone to jams. However, I have heard that Remington recently introduced a stronger metal magazine that is supposed to fix this problem. I personally own a Stainless Ruger 10/22 with a Walnut Deluxe Sporter Stock and could not be any more happy with it.

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    (3/19/03 1:31:03 am)
    Reply Probably Ruger
    The 597 is actually plenty accurate (what I've got), in my experience just as much as the 10/22 that my friend has.

    Pros and cons:

    At first glance:
    Ruger feels better in my hands by that little bit (try it out, think you'll agree), though it could be my cheap synthetic stock, Ruger is far more customizable if you're into that kind of thing, and subtly indicates better quality: The Rem has a cheaper feeling (non-rounded edges on the bolt puller thingy and trigger), Rem has no strap attachments whereas many Rugers do.

    Ruger has those box clips (10rd.) that never fail. Rem's clips are plastic and with .22's being so cheap, they wear out quickly and jam a lot. I pulled mine apart and manually "revitalized" the spring, but they still don't load into the gun too well all the time. You can get metal ones (metal exterior anyhow) off cheaperthandirt,but it still doesn't solve the problem.

    With both you can just fire off 10 rds. in a few seconds if they're working well. Both are dependable, but Rem's a little cheaper, and shows it. I like mine just fine, but wish I had bought a bolt action.

    Haven't tried the Ruger scoped: It may prove a little better afterall. My 597 works like a charm with an old 8x32 Bushnell Sharpshooter though.

    I'd reccomend both, but as everyone says, it's what you like.

    Good luck and keep those varmints at bay


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    (3/19/03 1:37:20 am)
    Reply and
    Those mossy .22's are a thing of beauty.
    That Weaver too. Never seen one of those...

    I'm strapped for cash, so in the mean time I might just have to get handy with some Bondo. Everyone should...



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    (3/19/03 9:15:20 am)
    Reply hmmm?
    z537z, was that your handy work on that Romanian trainer? Whoever did it, looks like they did an awesome job. I was thinking about modifying my own stock to fit a larger bull barrel. I have one of those nice walnut stocks with the checkered grips. Although I want a new barrel to replace the standard one, I don't quite feel like parting with this nice stock. I suck at woodwork, so I will probobly take it to a gunsmith and ask if it can be done.

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    (3/19/03 11:56:04 am)
    Reply Re: hmmm?
    Ok, let's add one to the question. My brother-in-law that lives in another state is offering me a Marlin 60c

    How does that compare with the Ruger, Remington, and Savage?

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    (3/19/03 3:27:48 pm)
    Reply I wish!
    No, it came up in a search for an M1969.

    This summer I might just try and whip up something for my 597... I'm inspired .

    As for the Marlin, I'd take it over all 3. Tube feed is a magical thing, MTaylor. Just magical.

    But as for more detail, Savages can have quality/accuracy problems from what I've heard, and you read the review on the Ruger vs. Remington.

    Marlins are high quality and look nice. It costs the most for a reason.

    Take the rifle already!

    Gram: I'm good with woodworking, but I coudln't make my own stock without an insane amount of sanding . We're talking z starts with a block of wood and sands a stock out of it. Plus I don't have the tools .

    If you just want to modify it for a bull barrell, yeah that's going to be hard. I have no idea how to do it... You can't drill... If the gunsmith idea doesn't work, there's almost always a woodshop owning guru kicking around that can make you what you need.

    Good luck, and yeah I now I want to make something....


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    (3/19/03 9:46:38 pm)
    Reply Re: I wish!
    Gram 22, if your barrel on your 69 is anything like mine I would reconsider changing barrels. My 69 is capable of one hole groups at 25 yards and 1 moa at 50. that is all you can ask out of a 22. I wonder if a barrel change would be any better? Jim
    Said I never had much use for one, never said I did'nt know how to use it
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