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(1/5/03 10:34:03 am)
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Just wondering what anyone else thinks or knows about this old gun?

Model 11....not marked on the gun.
Serial # 1102
12ga Autoloader
28in full choke
Elevated rib, no vent.
Checkered stock and forearm
No engravings on the metal
Safety inside the trigger guard

On the receiver and the barrel it has the following markings.
Remington Arms Co. Ilion,NY USA
Browning's Patents Oct 9.1900, Dec 17.1901, Sept 30.1902, June 16.1903

The serial number is stamped (twice) on the bottom of the
receiver at each end of the magazine opening.

My father has used this gun since he was 9 years old, He's 76 now. His father purchased it used for $10. He's used it every year for hunting so the blue has faded and the wood was refinished 30 years ago.

The serial number has always seemed rather low and we thought it would be interesting to see what we could find out about it.

I received this response from Remington

Thank you for visiting Remington Country. You have the Remington Autoloading Shotgun, which was later re-named the Remington Model 11 in 1911. This gun was the first successful autoloading shotgun built in the United States. This gun was designed and patented by John Browning, who reached a licensing and manufacturing agreement with Remington in 1903. This model was introduced in 12 gauge in 1905, 20 gauge in 1930 and 16 gauge in 1931. There were more than 850,000 of these guns produced in its 43-year history. This model was discontinued in 1947. According to the information that you provided, your Remington was produced in or around 1905.

It's mine now....I remember waiting to "grow into" this gun 35 years ago. It's still too heavy

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(1/5/03 11:40:52 am)
Reply | Edit | Del Blue Book description...
Welcome to you bergers...Remington Autoloading Shotgun (Pre-Model 11) 12 ga. only, original Remington Mfg. of the Browning A-5, 5-shot, various grades, 20 (riot), 26, 28 in. barrels, plain or matted rib (add 20% for matted rib). Mfg 1905-1910.
60%= 110.00 + 20% since yours is the matted rib model.
100%=350.00 + 20% for matted rib barrel.

Seems like sentimental value would drive this to be priceless though.

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(1/5/03 12:08:35 pm)
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Agreed, not much value....I have the Model 11, the year after it went to the standard safety. Grandfathers-16ga. all barrels.
24-26-28-32Longtom. In the white from so much cleaning and shooting.......would not take for it!!!!!!! $68.00 Back a long time ago, with all barrels.

Very sweet shotguns....


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(1/5/03 12:40:23 pm)
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Your right about the $$$ value....I've watched that for years.
Whenever I see one, I compare the serial #'s.
I've never found a 4 digit S/N yet.

The amazing part is how solid this gun still is.
Works perfect, never had an problem, and was made almost 100 years ago. I still use it once in a while for pheasants.

What I really hoped to hear from Remington was the number of
these manufactured in those years. I assume records may not have been real accurate in 1905.

I don't ever plan to get rid of reason
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