Remington simiauto shotgun

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  1. ftstinyc

    ftstinyc New Member

    Oct 8, 2002
    I got this gun from my father who is 92 years old. I know the gun is about
    50 years old and would like to know what it is worth. It is a 16 ga remington.
    The model number is 11-48. Serial number is 55107xx. On one side of the
    barrel it says 16 ga for 2 3/4 or shorter shells. It has a MOD and letters
    MKWW. On the reciever it has the Remington and under that the model and
    number plus to the right of that the serial number. On the other side it has
    a circle with the letters REP in it. Next to that it has a arrow pointing down.
    Down the barrel futher it says Remington arms co Inc. Ilion, N,Y. Made in
    USA. Under that it says Patent NO. 2.278,589 others pending. The blueing
    is perfect with no scratches or wear. The stock is very good with only a
    couple of scratches from hunting. I would appriciate your comments.
  2. CountryGunsmith

    CountryGunsmith New Member

    Jan 29, 2003
    Deep Piney Woods of East Texas
    I am assuming the gun has a plain barrel (no vent rib).

    A field-grade 16ga Model 11-48 in the condition you describe would sell for around $250.00, possibly a little more with the right buyer.

    Your gun appears to have been manufactured in 1950. The Model 11-48 is a recoil-operated semiauto which means the barrel recoils into the receiver with each shot. The design originated with John Browning, and Remington initially produced that basic concept as the Model 11. Your model, the 11-48 is a streamlined, redesigned version of the older Model 11 that represents Remington's first shotgun introduced after World War II (the '48' designates the year of the design although it was not introduced until 1949). It remained in production until 1968 when the sheer dominance of the Model 1100 finally killed it off.

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