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    One of the earlier threads got me to thinking about some of my old coaches. One of my grade school coaches had only one arm. In those days, we had turkey shoots right behind the school, on school property. I don't remember for sure, but I'm pretty sure that they were sponsered by the school as a fund raiser. I can still remember all of the men lined up with their shotguns, waiting for their turn to shoot. My old coach, and grade school principle was right among them, as well as the town night watchman, who had no legs from mid-thigh down. He lost them to a grenade in Korea. Let me tell you, when it came to shooting trap, these men were under no handi-cap. They took home as many turkeys as anyone. Funny thing, though, you never saw even the best shot take home more than one turkey, and the poorest in town often took home turkeys, even though they didn't even shoot. Times have changed. I guess they call it progress.
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    If progress comes in parts, please leave my part out.
    I know what you mean. We used to have a turkey shoot the day before Dove season and a big square dance that night. All on school property. All proceeds went to the poor families in the valley to help with food and clothing. Of course, this was a farming community and everyone knew everyone and what they needed. No family did without very long.
    There wasn't any programs available in those days to reward people who didn't try to help themselves, like today. Too bad that is all lost and gone.........

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