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    How had is it to change the stock on an AK?
    I cracked mine today while shooting at the range. It really is not too bad, but I know it could only get worse. I really like the black fiberglass ones. Has anyone ever installed one and how big of a job is it?

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    If it's a Pre-Ban stock remove the top receiver
    cover and remove the recoil guide spring by
    pushing it forward from the rear until it clears
    the slot, then lift upward and slide out towards
    the rear of the receiver.

    Once you have done this you will see 2-screws
    at the top of the stock where it is inserted into
    the receiver, one of which is not visible unless
    the top cover has been removed as stated in
    step one above.

    Next remove the 2-screws out from the tang
    that the neck of the stock is sitting in.

    After you have removed the 2-tang screws
    you can try pulling on the stock rearward
    while applying a little verticle movement
    at the same time, you may need to use
    a small wood block to help tap it out as
    most are fitted in the slot pretty snug.

    When replacing with the new stock you
    will need to gently but firmly tap it back
    in to the receiver also.

    If this is a Post-Ban Thumhole model then
    you would repeat step 1 only!

    Next you would remove the pistol grip
    stock screw from the bottom of the
    pistol grip portion of the stock being
    careful not to loose the stock screw
    nut that will drop off inside of the receiver.

    Next remove the tang screw(s) at the top
    of the neck of the stock and the stock
    should easily pull off.

    NOTE: Before doing ANY of this MAKE SURE
    the rifle is UNLOADED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The above applies to stamped receivers!

    Hope this info helps!
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    That sounds easy enough.
    Any suggestion on what stock to get?

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    Another reason the Anti's didn't want folks
    to have the traditional military stock was
    it's very effective/strong when being used
    to rifle butt an opponent whereas, a thumbhole
    stock doesn't have the the support or the
    metal butt plate(has rubber)and would more
    than likely break off in that type of situation.

    I prefer wood but a nice textured black poly
    stock is appealing to me also.
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    Try the Chote Dragunov skelatized Poly stock about $80.00 for for the three peice set. Pay special attention to the gas tube when ordering so you get the right length top forend! I had two Ak's one gas tube was about 2" shorter than the other when I install the Choate stock. They are also about 2" longer than the wodden stock to fit the American's longer arm span
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