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    Thanks Pops for a timely post.

    We have a battle coming up for SCOTUS to decide wheather that nut job pastor has the right to send his minions to the burial services of our brave warriors to detract from their sacrifice.

    This whacko:

    And those that would stand guard against the the lunatics

    In my opinion, yelling fire in a crowded theater is not protected speech unless a fire indeed exists. It's a potentially life threatening statement. Wouldn't the same arguement hold true here? You spew your rhetoric, knowing full well you may get the crap kicked out of you. Why is that any different?

    In most circles, this whackos teachings would be considered hate speech 'if' it were directed at a particular socio/economic/religious/racial group. Because it's directed at the military and spilled blood for freedom, it's an issue for SCOTUS.

    Forgive me if I'm wrong here; but isn't inciting a riot a crime? I see no difference in this matter. It's the willful and wanton behaviour in order to generate a hatefull response. This isn't free speech as we know it. It's not given to further debate. It serves one purpose only. Hate.

    This will be a defining moment in our history concerning the 1st amendmant.

    Sorry for rambling.:eek:

    God help us all.