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    Wounded Marines being evacuated from the fiercest fighting in Hue. There were so many more wounded than could adequately be cared for, the wounded Marine in the foreground was zipped into a body bag while still, clinically alive. Photo by Stars & Stripes John Olson "This is the way our BROTHER MARINES came to us, in large groups, broken, bleeding and in need of help. All Aircrews saw this sight over and over during TET 68." In the picture the wounded marine laying on the tank was shot next to me on the citadel wall in hue city Feb. 1968, he belongs to Delta Co 1-5. The NVA sniper was just probably 20 feet away from us when he opened up with his AK-47, the wounded Marine in the picture stood up a little too high exposing his back at an angle to enemy fire, the sniper was just a little higher up ground than we were, I believe the marine was hit with one shot, then he begun to scream! I'll never forget that scream. We got some shots off but then that sniper hastily tossed grenades at us, luckily his grenades landed and exploded just short of falling into the small cramped area were we were crouched down, we finally managed to silence that sniper after throwing grenades and shooting with out lifting our heads up, then it got real quiet except for the ''clicking'' sounds of magazines being inserted into M-16's and AK-47's. The wounded marine was unconscious and some of the guys pulled him to the rear with other wounded grunts that's the last time I saw him, and I hope he made it home alive. Any way that's what I remember and I'm not sure what day it was, I believe it was Valentine's Day. From PFC Pedro Homdus 1 -5 Delta Co. M-60 team. I ran across the photo #3873; I'm the man holding James Blaine KIA 02-15-68 James as in Charlie Co. like the rest of us on the tank. From the left Jim Beals (Holding the bottle), me Richard Schlagel, Jim Rice (with bandaged face), Dennis Ommert (who is behind Rice) and Clifford Dyes. Jim Beals and I were standing next to James when he was shot. People Magazine found us and took our stories. April 29 1985 Vol.23 No.17 starting on page 94. Semper Fi
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