Rest Well My Brothers

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    Rest Well My Brothers
    As of late I have been heavily involved in assisting our association and was placed in charge of making sure that our Brothers are recognized in a section that we call "Lest We Forget" on our companys' homepage.

    I have many more names to add to this list yet and have spent hours researching archives ... records ... rosters ... and whatever else I can get my hands on.

    Although the 5TH Marine Regiment is the most highly decorated combat regiment in the history of the United States Marine Corps ... The price for that recognition does'nt come cheap ....

    Rest Well My Brothers ......

    Golf Company 2/5 Marines


    Abbott, Raymond L., KIA 08/02/67

    Adams, William E., Sgt, KIA 02/26/68

    Arnold, Joe E., Cpl., KIA 10/9/68

    Arnold, Larry F., Cpl, KIA 09/26/67

    Ashenferter, Alan Wayne, KIA 08/12/70

    Bargaheiser, Lawrence G., G/Sgt, KIA 09/06/68

    Brantley, Leroy, Cpl., KIA 3/28/69

    Camarillo, Freddy "Pache"

    Carpenter, Charles E., L/Cpl, KIA 06/26/69

    Carter, Clyde E., PFC, KIA 02/01/68

    Cook, Curtis, PFC, KIA 04/18/69

    Conti, Robert F., 1st Lt., KIA 11/24/69

    Cox, Larry, Cpl, KIA 10/13/66

    Dawson, Wayne Eugene, Sgt, KIA 12/19/66

    Debold, Regis, L/Cpl, KIA 09/66

    Ellis, Gene H., Sgt, KIA 08/16/67

    Fante, Robert G., Cpl., KIA 8/6/68

    Farinaro, Guido, L/Cpl, KIA 07/30/68

    Fisher, Davis, PVT, KIA 12/04/67

    Fischer, Kenneth E., 2nd Lt., KIA 07/03/68

    Forte, Gerald W., PFC, KIA 05/03/69

    Gillard, Gary Lee, SSgt, KIA 05/15/69

    Griego, Jesus, L/Cpl, KIA 07/16/68

    Hale, Michael D., Cpl, KIA 08/18/68

    Hare, Michael James, Cpl, KIA 06/17/67

    Harris, Eddie C., PFC, KIA 02/13/68

    Howard, Horace, PFC, KIA 02/01/68

    Jackman, Robert, Sgt., KIA 06/09/66

    Jenkins, Gary Lee, KIA 12/08/70

    Jimenez, Jr., Thomas, L/Cpl, KIA 07/30/68

    Johnson, James Carl, L/Cpl, KIA 04/17/69

    Johnson, John K.,PFC, KIA 08/02/67

    Kerr, John L., PFC, KIA 04/22/67

    Kirkham, Donald A., HN, KIA 01/31/67

    Lucas, Glen A., Cpl, KIA 01/31/68

    McCall, Allen Lee, PFC, KIA 02/26/68

    McJunkin, Robert T., PFC, KIA 7/16/68

    Medeiros, Michael J., L/Cpl, KIA 12/16/67

    Miller, Wayne T., PFC, KIA 03/19/67

    OBrien, William J. Cpl, KIA 03/28/67

    Partin, George E., L/Cpl, KIA 08/14/67

    Rowden, John W. , PFC, KIA 2/10/68

    Richardson III, Eugene, PFC, KIA 06/21/68

    Shultz, John., L/Cpl, KIA 05/15/69

    Shumbarger, Dale E., KIA 11/06/67

    Sinkewicz, Joseph M., PFC, KIA 02/26/68

    Stasko, Jr., Paul, PFC, KIA 02/21/68

    Stevens, Raymond J., PFC, KIA 10/9/68

    Threet, Troy T., PFC, KIA 02/10/68

    Tooke, John K., L/Cpl, KIA 11/06/67

    Travers, Wallace O., KIA 08/18/68

    Trescott, Charles, HM3, KIA 05/03/66

    Trombley, Michael L., L/Cpl, KIA 08/02/67

    Walker, Larry W., L/Cpl, KIA 08/16/68

    Walters, Michael, L/Cpl, KIA 07/29/69

    Ward, Thomas L., PFC, KIA 01/07/68

    Warner, David Howard, Cpl, KIA 02/17/68

    Weisbrod, John (Wishbone), KIA 05/13/69

    Witt, Robert Michael, LCpl, KIA 8/18/68

    Winfrey, Authran W., L/Cpl, KIA 05/15/69

    Williams, Frank, L/Cpl, KIA 04/18/69

    Winter, John W., Cpl, KIA 02/01/68

    You are in my mind and heart "ALWAYS"!



    "Golf 2/5 Marines ... Knockin On Heavens Door In Hue City"

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    Re: Rest Well My Brothers
    well done SixTgunner...

    well done Marines.....

    Stand down and rest.....

    I remember......and words fail me now...

    Esse Quam Videri

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    Re: Rest Well My Brothers


    I too remember, and shall remember ALWAYS!

    Love & respect Brother.


    Endeaver to Persevere

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    Re: Rest Well My Brothers
    I know the feeling Six,

    In my case it's my sisters. Many have already gone, mostly of cancer. There wasn't many of us Army women there but as the years go, so do we.

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