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    i'm thinking of a revolver .22 just for kicks, maybe in 22 mag? donno yet, does anyone have suggestions...i'd like to maybe use this gun to get rid of pest in the yar, i've heard the subsonic loads work well in revolvers...anyone know really?

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    Ruger!! Subs will work fine in an auto too.

    Old Ruger Blackhawk .22/.22mag
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    Add a Ruger Bearcat revolver to that list. It's more accurate at 75 yards than 25. But it's fun to shoot.

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    Me thinks the recommendation for a Blackhawk should have been for the Ruger Single six. This gun is offered with a .22mag cylinder and a regular .22 cylinder.

    It shoots the mag quite well and is a fun gun to shoot.

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    yeah, if you can get one with both cylinders. you can shoot the .22 mrf when you want to kill vermin and the .22LR when you don't want your ammo to cost the same as 9 mm. i got me a s&w model 48 wheel gun. sometime, i should post (most of) the serial number to try and get a value for it. saw one in worse condition at a pawn shop for $300 or so.

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    I bought 2 Ruger single sixes with consecutive ser # for me and my Dad 20 years ago. Got the mag cylinders for them and all. Stainless steel.

    Never been sorry. I highly recomend it. I carry mine prolly more than any other gun except maybe my Mark II.
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    I purchased a beat up Single Action Colt New Frontier in .22lr a couple of months ago. After some good cleaning and lovin', she shoots good groups at 50 feet. Target sights, good wood grips. A very nice looking gun with the case hardening and such. The action sounds magical and many people at the range ask me what it is.


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    Reply .22 is the way
    I have a Taurus M970 and a High Standard Sentinel. Two extremes (6" and snub)...

    Both are a lot of fun to shoot and plink. I would avoid .22 magnum revolvers for plinking, because you'll go broke! I would rather use the extra $$$ saved in ammo to buy another .22!

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    I have a Taurus M94 ib 4inch barrel. It is a 9 shot, small frame gun and is fun and accurate. Cheap too.
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    I just bought a Excam TA-76 made by Tanfoglio for 65.00 and is in good to very good condition. But, But I just want you all to know that you might consider having a magnet with you when you check it out. Barrel and Cylinder are of good quality steel, (almost a bull barrel) But, but the rest of the gun is POT METAL.. Looks like a Colt, feel like a Colt But it ain't no Colt I still like it, but you get what you pay for.
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    Sep 28, 2008
    I bought a Charter Arms Pathfinder 2" snubby for the wife and I to plink with along with our Ruger Mark II and our Walther P-22. I sent it back to the mother ship for some adjustments (repair work) three days ago. It sometimes hangs up pulling the hammer back for single action and also for double action. :( Charter said I should have it back within two weeks. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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    Nov 18, 2004
    Single Action: Ruger Single Six or Bearcat. Single Six has adjustable sights and more normal grip than the Bearcat.

    Double Action: S&W 617 or 63. The 617 is the K frame upon which the .38 was built. The 63 is the smaller J frame that was previously called the .22/32. Both are very good. The 4" 617 weighs 42 oz. The 5" 63 weighs 30 oz.

    63-4, 617-6, 617-5, 17

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    I would suggest the Ruger Single Six with .22 LR and .22 mag cylinders. You will shoot LR's at least 95% of the time, but the mag cylinder is nice to have when you need or want it. I bought my Single Six convertible in 1974 and will never get rid of it, except to pass it on to my grandkids sometime in the distant future.
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    Sep 16, 2008
    A nice S&W 48 with both magnum and long rifle cylinders in excellent shape would probably hit $600 to $700 maybe more with this crazy market.

    Before buying a Ruger convertable I would buy a Heritage that s excellent gun and a great value for half the price of ruger. They can be had for $225 to $250 retail with adj rear sight and HiViz front sight and are a great little gun.