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    To make it even worse, or better perhaps it was the one and only shot I fired that day! I was the instructor, so I did the loading and teaching, they did all the shooting. Colton, my youngest, knew how, but Ray and his daughter had never shot or loaded black powder before. The empty pack on the stump was the target for Rays new to him TC Hawken rifle, that's why it was a ways beyond pistol range. Colton was shooting his rifle at a beer can about 50 yards out and coming pretty close for a 10 year old. I was going to shoot at a can about 5 yards away when Ray said go for the cig pack. I never figured I'd hit it on the first shot, let alone hit nearly dead center. I knew better to take a second shot. You should of heard Ray bragging about that one handed shot I made the next Monday at work.
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    I love those one of a kind shots, and wish I could add one of my own....well, I could-but it would be a bald faced lie.....
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