RFI: Tressitu TZ99 Pistol

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    Seeking information and opinions on the Tressitu TZ99 9mm pistol. This is a SIG-like 9mm pistol, originally developed in Yugoslavia as the CZ99. The manufacturer eventually struck a deal with the South African firm of Tressitu, who began producing the TZ99. It resembles a SIG P226, but enlarged perhaps 10%, and it has ambi controls (which appeals to me as a lefty). Tressitu folded after a limited run of these, so there's not too many of them out there.

    I do have the opportunity of acquiring one of these, as new in box, with two hi-cap mags and possible more mags on the way. Now, I'm a Hi-Power kind of guy, and these do have somewhat of a Hi-Power feel in the grip. I was just wondering if anyone else here had any experience with them and would like to share their thoughts.

    Thanks much!

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    The 99 is a good quality pistol and worth it`s price. The grip is different than the HP, but still nice. It is not quite as natural a pointer as the 11 or HP, but is right up there. I have never like ambi anything in a carry gun, though.....but thats just my feel. LTS

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    Re: RFI: Tressitu TZ99 Pistol
    When Zastava was making the guns in Yugoslavia, they were being imported and distributed here at a very attractive price - however, Zastava's quality control was somewhat spotty at the time.

    Perhaps the South Africans will do better - but some of us still remember the Rogak.

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    I ended up getting it in last week - I gotta say, this thing is nice! Haven't had a chance to get to the range, but will be soon.

    And, to top it off, got an instant "Approved" on NICS - first time after nearly a year of delays. Wonder what happened to clear me so quickly!

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