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(6/27/01 2:51:22 am)
| Del All Ricky's New Thumper Times 2
Ricky was given a new job escorting the mess hall supply truck to Chu Lai. The mess hall truck had never been hit. He could ride shotgun with his thumper(M79), stay out of combat and stay out of trouble.
The Vietnamese are fond of putting up little shrines along roads and trails. They stop at the shrines and make an offering to The Buddha or just say a prayer. These little shrines are about the size of a phone booth but half as tall. Because of the similarity in size, Ricky thought that they were Vietcong phone booths! He didn't talk about it he just sort of formed the opinion on his own. He was real proud that he figured it out on his own.
He stopped by supply to get more ammo for his thumper. We became suspicious because he wasn't supposed to load it.
It turned out that on every supply trip he would fire the thumper out the window of the moving deuce and half.
You guessed it he was shelling the Vietcong phone booths. The local Buddhists were outraged! Ricky never heard of Buddhists but on reflection he asked if it was like a Christian. We said it was something like that. He felt bad about upsetting the "almost Christians" as he called them. We assured him that there were no phones in the shrines. He was putback in heavy weapons and his M16 was returned.

One day he asked a gunner if the sex thing was as much fun as people say it is! We all told him that it was indded. Ricky was the oldest virgin in the US Army! We felt it was our duty to help him out. Mom had told him not to have sex unless he was married. We thought he should try it out just in case he got killed.
We got a pass to go to Chu Lai to a brothel after the medics explained the condom to Ricky. He used up precious (they were really hard to get) condoms showing us all how to put it on his thumb. No Ricky it goes on the other thing we joked. We took him to a happy house and explained to the madam that he was a virgin. They gave him a freebee and we bought the beers. Ricky was ecstatic. It was more fun than a roller coaster!
He wanted to marry the hooker. He asked if all women could do that sex thing. We said that all ADULTS could do it but you had to ask nice and pay them first. The hooker had told him in pigeon english that he should just have sex with her -- she was trying to develop business. Ricky understood this as a proposal of marriage.
The chaplain told him that he absolutely could not marry her. He was upset for a week or so, then cheered up. He walked around to everybody in the company to tell of his new discovery! Mike H

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(6/27/01 5:21:03 am)
| Del Re: Ricky's New Thumper Times 2
UHHH!...Nope I ain't commenting.
...and two hard boiled eggs.

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(6/27/01 9:42:03 am)
| Del Re: Ricky's New Thumper Times 2

This Ricky had to be a trip to be around. You guys had to get some much needed humor out of some of his exploits. He sounds like maybe he belonged in McHale's Navy.....
Geno G

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(6/27/01 10:11:36 am)
| Del
A Happy Ricky
Seems to me like you did Ricky a great big favor. He was probably never the same again after his new discovery! Good job.

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(6/27/01 11:01:41 pm)
| Del Ricky's New Thumper Times 2
RIcky was humorous at times but we were always scared of what would happen to him. We liked him a lot more than Blain. Ricky had suffered a lot in life.

When we returned to Charlie Company perimeter for a night fight. We had to leave Ricky on guard duty by himself. The other guys were never far away. The shift was 1 and 1/2 hours. This was a terrifying place for Ricky. They never send the 106RR to Charlie Company unless there's trouble brewing, so we were already scared at sunset.
The fog began to roll in and that is always scary on guard duty. Images form and disappear as the fog moves around. When you feel the fog moving across your skin -- the disappearing images seem to touch you too. By midnight, in drifting fog, the fear was roaring like a freight train.
Ricky apparently had a flashback. As best we could piece things together, he was afraid that they would come close to him like before. He lost touch with reality again and drew his knife. He put his M16 down because he thought they would be too close to turn the rifle on them. He was standing guard with his knife drawn and held bladepoint up in his left hand. After a while the fear dissipated (sp) and his scalp began to itch. He tilted his steel pot and scratched his head with his right hand. When he stopped scratching, he let his right arm drop onto his left arm. You guessed it, he stabbed himself in the right forearm. The blade went up to the hilt between the radius and the ulna. He didn't cry out or make a sound. He was totally silent like before.
He said he didn't want to wake anybody to take the next shift because he would be in trouble. The bleeding started to get worse so he finally woke the next guy up.
We think he stood the with the knife in his arm for more than an hour after his shift. He did not pull the knife out Thank God! The wound healed nicely and he got light duty for a couple weeks. He was embarassed.
His next problem came with a serious firefight. We were returning fire in a VC attack on base camp. There were three or four (can't remember) 106RR gunjeeps on line.
We were firing as fast as we could and Ricky became excited. He would break cover in firefights and run around. It was something like a little kid playing chicken with oncoming vehicle traffic. He would just run back and forth but he was sort of proud of himself. He ran behind the 106 RRs and through the backblast zones between shots. The backblast neatly burned the skin off his left arm and broke one ear drum. He was embarassed again.
When the 196th was moved from the coast to the mountains we never saw him again. We think he survived the conflict. Wherever he is, I wish him well. He did his time in hell. I'll never forget that poor guy and I am always kind to the retarded now. I hope he enjoys using his thumper! Mike H

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(6/28/01 12:09:42 am)
| Del Re: Ricky's New Thumper Times 2
Great stories Mike. Enjoyed them very much and thanks
for sharing them with us.


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(6/28/01 12:45:16 am)
| Del Thumper
Boom Boom;
Thanks for your kind words. I've told you before how much you bring to this board.
BTW -- the man I called Blain in Ricky and Blain got off with a great assignment. The CO said that the Donut Dollies needed a driver. We didn't believe that they would let anyone leave heavy weapons to be a driver for Donut Dollies in view of the shortage of men. We trampled each other on the way to the CP. Top wouldn't talk to me about a transfer. (I had already tried to transfer to China Beach for a lifeguard job)
I lobbied the LT endlessly and prepared a sales presentation listing all my qualifications with weapons, first aid etc. He listened calmly to my spiel and then said he agreed with me. I did have all those qualifications. And that was exactly why he was giving it to Blain. Blain had no qualifications at all! We all wanted that job so bad. Imagine being actually close to two women every day who could speak english and even had hooters. Every teenage soldiers dream job!
Mike H
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