rimfire ammo .......How?

Discussion in 'The Ammo & Reloading Forum' started by renaissance7697, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. renaissance7697

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    May 29, 2003
    No VA
    I'm not about to try to reload (remanufacture) 22 lr's..but......
    How are they manufactured originally??

    Thinking about it..........................

    The stuff has a "rim" (>> rimfire) which appears to be a double fold of brass material consisting of the base of the cartridge on one side and a very short second side folded over with (I would suppose) a small amount of priming material sandwiched between the two folds.

    How do they do this mechanicaly?

    How do they manage to pinch the primer material between the two folds of brass without setting it off?

    renaissance wants to know.................
  2. Jay

    Jay Active Member

    Mar 26, 2003
    Far be it for me to say this is 100% correct, but I've been told that after the case is formed, the primer is is placed, in liquid form. After it sets up, (pretty quick) the powder and bullet are added. Again, I've never seen it done, but it sounds good. :)


  3. inplanotx

    inplanotx Active Member

    Jan 28, 2002
    Jay, you are correct. The primer is in a wet paste form and is added and then spun to distribute around the rim of the cartridge. If you really want to make money in a bar some night, tell them you can reload a 22 rimfire. Take the white tipped part off of "strike anywhere" wooden matches and make a paste out of it by adding water to it. When you get it to the right consistancy, pour a little bit into a once fired case and then put it between your two hands (like you were praying) and spin it around for a while vigorously. Then let dry. When dry, add a liitle powder and a pulled heeled bullet and there you have it. Just make sure you do not hit the same part of the rim as before!

    And that's the rest of the story!
  4. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Guest

    I've read that there is/was a tool about for ironing out the case rim of a .22 case. Anybody heard of that?

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