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(7/12/01 3:01:41 pm)
| Del All Rockets am bad things…..

One mission is all it takes to ruin your day…..

One such mission entailed coming in behind the ABN and Marines to relieve the enemy of their Intel … documents and other such stuff…. The marines were always really helpful in that they didn’t want a lot of the crap that we took out….only the Humit…. the prisoners..

This mission was normal…. a lot of shooting by both sides…… rockets, mortars, grenades, noise, smoke, fire, things burning such as huts and people etc….. and the obligatory chicken running zigzag through it all…….a normal mission…..

As a team was in a primary bunker that had just been cleared of the previous hosts (having been dragged out by the short hairs by the marines…) and busily securing anything and everything that could be used for Intel…. three of them were in the bunker…..the bunker was a normal everyday sand bag affair…. one door and two firing slots… nothing fancy….

When a B40 (RPG) rocket came through the bunker wall… the explosion lifted one man up and threw him at the other two who were standing on the other side of the bunker….all three were now buried……

Frantic calls for assistance…. digging….. yelling at no one or nothing in particular……they were extracted… and still alive….

The two guys that were on the other side of the bunker were both deaf and in shock with many cuts on their face, hands and arms and guy who bore the brunt of the blast was covered with blood… all of them were covered with sand and blood and excrement…..

The two were walking wounded… mostly just shock and only temporarily deafened by the way… so they were in good shape… the other guy is out like a light….

Dustoff came in and picked them up….my small team went with them….. the unconscious guy was placed on the floor of the chop, belly down so that the Med’s could monitor him… they had made no effort to remove his vest because they thought that he may have many pieces of metal in him and they knew that the aid station was only minutes away and that they had lots of plasma to deal with the bleeding….


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(7/13/01 3:30:24 am)
| Del Re: Rockets am bad things…..
Mith...after reading this memory and a couple of others you posted, this question comes to mind..."did those guys survive and what are they doing now?" I think that this question would be bugging's just the "not" knowing. Thanks for the memory.

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(7/13/01 9:24:49 am)
| Del Re: Rockets am bad things…..
(LarryJK--The answer follows)
and now the end of the story..

Chop is banking sharply to the left then to the right and seems to be dodging something….the chop finally gains air and settles into a rather subdued WOMP WOMP…… typical of a Huey…..

He wakes up in flight and tries to get up only to have this Nurse sit on his legs and yell at him to “Stop squirming… you’ll be ok”…

A thought strikes us….”Nurse?… what the hell is a Nurse doing here?…….” one dirty look from her and we shut up and contemplate how to escape from this bird…..Bob is trying to find out if there is a back door that we don’t know about….another guy is looking under the seat……

She has him plugged into plasma and has cleaned his face and neck and has found no serious wounds so far…He yells that he cannot see… his eyes are open…. no blood in them now…. but he can’t see…… she calms him by talking quietly into his ear…..he relaxes….… the other medic says that he seems to have stopped bleeding…...

Air is clear up here… we look around and then focus on this nurse….. not too bad looking…. average height we guess, dishwater blonde…. two of us chuckle “just our luck” and another asks us “Why”….. because we hate blondes.” yelling over the sound of the blades….… another REALLY dirty look and then we notice it………. she is packing three pistols….. You heard right…THREE PISTOLS…… one .45…. one revolver similar to what the pilots carry and one that we found out later was a Russian Tokerev…..and she seems vaguely familiar…..We also found out later how she came by the Tokerev… but that is another story…..

The chop lands and they wisk him into a nearby tent……the other two are looked at, treated for minor cuts and stuff and sent on their way……after we report for our little debriefing… we wander back over to the tent and find that they have moved him into a different tent…..we find it… and ask about him…. “he will be OK” comes the reply… “seems that the wall and the vest absorbed a lot of the blast and a REALLY lot of the shrapnel”…..

At this point, this medic holds up the vest he was wearing….. the nylon is shredded almost down to the last two layers… when he held it up to the light.. you could see hundred of little tiny holes in it….but none larger than a pin hole…..Of course the vest now WEIGHTS about three pounds more then it did when put it on…. but very, very little of the metal got to him….

He spends a week on his stomach… has a really bad back-ache and his sight returns to him… They said that he suffered “concussion blindness”…. or “a semi-detached retina”…..he will most likely have to wear glasses for the rest of his life…. but I will agree that that is a VERY SMALL price to pay……his back was “Hamburger” because of both “powder shrapnel” and the sand from the bunkers sand bags….and they just pealed the top layer of skin off and the skin underneath was in good shape…bandaged him up… bound like a mummy now…….

We take our leave of him….

Two weeks more and he is back with us… and ready to go home…. he now sports of the largest scars that I ever seen without it being from a burn… .he can’t bend over anymore (for awhile) so he elects to go home…..

No one else in the unit “volunteers” to go home like that….

He is gone within the week…..


When I got back to the world… there he was…. at Ft. Bragg with the 18th ABN CORP……seems that the scar tissue did, indeed, give him trouble… but not enough to complain about….. he served about five more months with me at the 317th RRU and then we transferred to Vint Hill Farms Station in Virginia… just before we both got out…..


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(7/13/01 11:23:57 am)
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Re: Rockets am bad things…..
Mithrandir.......interesting story. It was our company policy and SOP to carry only male crewmembers (Pilots (2), crewchief (1), medic (1)). We were not allowed to carry female nurses on any combat mission. It surprises me that any other unit allowed that. My understanding was that no nurses were allowed to participate in any medevac operations in the entire Vietnam theater. Guess this was an exception to that policy.

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(7/13/01 11:42:40 am)
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Re: Rockets am bad things…..
Mith-glad all were okay! However, "We also found out later how she came by the Tokerev… but that is
another story…..". Well, we're waiting!

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(7/13/01 11:47:41 am)
| Del Re: Rockets am bad things…..
thats what we thought too.....

but about six times we saw round-eyed nurses on dustoffs...
all of them were never too far from the main aid stations... and BTW they were always units attached to the 101st....never saw any anywhere else....

I can only assume that they got to go along some reason or tother (I won't get into that discussion... )

I do have a story about that nurse.... I tell that later....


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(7/17/01 11:41:04 am)
| Del Re: Rockets am bad things…..
Hanging again here bud. Goodun.

I can relate somewhat to an incident near a ville...believe it was one of the villes of Tan Thuan maybe Tan Thahn...been so long now...anyways we were on a routine patrol with a platoon of Puffs to make a showing (most often what they were) for Provence MACV and the local Chiefs that Ruff Puffs were there and on the job along with MATS. Each ville had to be searched periodicaly and evaluated...a HES requirement.

An explosion dropped us all like rocks...knowing right away it was a grenade...Trung Uy Blant or Trung Si Carlings I believe it was and a new Bac Si (name escapes me) began barking along with Dai Uy Than and others to form their squads , taking defensive postures and securing some better positions against what ever cover was available...hooches and brush berms put up to hold pigs or buffalo etc. After a short bit it was discovered that Charlie had wired a grenade underneath this large basket of rice and took a huge amounts of flesh off this man's legs and feet...shredded. We called for Dusty and cautiously and warely searched the ville and the area surrounding for Charlie. With no contact.

We returned a few days later with a second platoon,3-4 mortar teams. Spooks from S-2 were chopped in for 'information gathering"...interrogation. A flight of Ravens were a sqwauk away. I believe that the extra weight was for them...not the Puffs or MAT's.

Bottom line any time anyone could possibly be in a world of hurt...Line dogs to Meds to MP's to Supply to Motor pool...all of us...any of us. I"ve been in contacts...but not nearly as Mike H and Mith and Gene and 502 and Chief and so many of you...and glad of it. Those in the Shit all of the time I have a heart for...but all as well.

OH yeah!...MATS liked to be addressed by their counterpart Vietnamee rank.

...and two hard boiled eggs.

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