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(7/1/01 7:04:34 pm)
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Hey, guys, anybody out there ever loaded Roundball in a 12ga?

Got the loading data from Ballistic Products, picked up some .690 balls, ready to start experimenting, BUT...

BP says .690 in a standard shotcup works like a patch/sabot, supposed to make a nice tight fit.

I have some Pacific Versalite wads, but just screwing around with it, it's going to be a DARN tight fit, in fact from the muzzle end, straight Cylinder Riot, inside the shot cup, it isn't even CLOSE to going down the bore, even with a hammer!!!

It bulges the hull, too, in a loaded round, I'm kinda scared to shoot it. Could it split the barrel? Has anybody done this yet?

Are there thinner walled shotcups out there?

I'm even thinking of using just a Gas Seal and "patching" the ball in the hull.

But the shotcup idea seems the best, maybe I'll e-mail BP direct...

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(7/1/01 9:58:39 pm)
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Dont know that I would do anything that bulged the hull. If roundball is soft lead it will deform a bit.
dont take this the wrong way...what are you trying to accomplish??? The ultimate slug round...A cheap way to produce a large impact projectile?. Have you thought about a sabot with a .58 cal black powder bullet of some type? I'm kinda puzzled. regards swede
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(7/2/01 8:28:41 am)
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Yeah.....I'm confused too.

Why use a roundball, when a rifled slug would both more accurate and more effective?

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(7/2/01 10:48:27 am)
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Cool Polish, never would have thought of that way to shorten a barrel.....wear ear plugs...............

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(7/6/01 11:44:57 pm)
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Actually, a round ball is ballistically superior to a slug at 50 yds or less, and is more accurate.

Many "experts" are going back to them for their short range loads. They hit a TON, and shoot from a cylinder smoothbore better than any "rifled" slug.

They have better mass than any slug, and better retained energy than any non-sabot slug at 50 yds.

They only suffer at extended ranges, if not perfectly round.

Those old Muskets with tight fitting balls WERE pretty darn accurate out to a hundred, boys!!! The bad rap they got was they used undersized balls for quick reloading even when fouled, and the tactics of the day stressed rate of UNAIMED fire.

Plus the old "Punkinballs" were undersized because they would be shot through various chokes, and nobody wanted to blow out a full choke gun.

"Rifled" slugs are a misnomer, the fins are only to enable them to compress if fired though tight chokes. They fly nose first only because they act like a badminton birdy, hollow base, weight forward. They've been filmed in flight rotating left, right, and not rotating at all!!!

Then the jerks make "Hollow Point" slugs to market them better, taking lead from the one spot it's needed the MOST for accuracy! What the Sam Hill do you need EXPANSION for if the soft lead starts OUT at .70 cal????

(Plus, you get to play with "Buck n' Ball," which just may be the ultimate military shotgun loading, allowing point and area fire, but that's phase two of my test...)

(1) "New" does not mean "better" necessarily.
(2) Sometimes to advance you must go back.
(3) There really IS nothing new under the sun...

My ultimate goal is just like any other hunter, power and accuracy.

Sabot Slugs are the WRONG answer!!!

Part of "accuracy" is "practice." NOBODY can afford to do enough practice shooting sabots, no matter how good they are ballistically.

Matching a perfect roundball to your specific tube, with the shotcup acting as a sabot, can give GREAT results, AND lower costs to allow the practice.

Mark my words, boys, roundballs are coming back for reloaders in the slug for deer least for the smoothbore guys...

(And I always wanted to test the roundball seated on top of three O buck....)

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(7/7/01 5:55:54 am)
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Been shooting round balls out of 16Ga. for years,but always used fibre wads and snug fitting ball, also used buck n ball loadings for hunting in eastern part of state, (No Rifles, too flat) works great out to 60-70 Yds, can't see much further than that in tangle-foot brush where the big deer hang around, never tried the plastic cups, but seem to recall something called A "Poly-Patch" that was made specifically for round ball loading,
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(7/7/01 6:13:34 am)
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Thanks Polish! I now have a new identity for potential use on some other boards..... PunkinBalls!

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(7/8/01 10:23:44 am)
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Don't know, AD, but I think that may be a STD in some cultures....
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