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    Im not working this one.. just chasing info.... Here is a SXS ( im starting to love these) Royal Gun Works, I believe... its an external hammer type... and Im trying to get some date and other useful info. This is my bosses (from my aviation job) so if I can get some brownie points here.... What I have are some basic pics... and pics of the receiver stampings... Now my boss sent me these pics.. and his dad had done some "smithing" to it back in the day... Im not really after a value.. just who, what, where, and most importantly.. when! If you need better pics let me know.. ill get better ones.
    Please Help!

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    Royal Gun Works has a nice ring to it, it was used in a number of model names by several makers including the Three Barrel Gun Company. However,since it has only two barrels and has Belgium markings I believe it was made by Anciens Etablissements Piper. around the 20th century, maybe a few years before, perhaps a few years past. It was a trade name but I have no ideal of which hardware store used it. It should have Damascus steel barrels, and IMHO should be hung up on the wall. but what the hey, if it is shot, then only black powder or very light loads should be used. Best I can do, others?
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