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On 5-17-2004 Ruffit passed away. He was one of our original members and a great guy. We dedicated this forum to him as he loved to cook and grill as well as shooting.

I've gotten an email from Ruffits son Steven that I'm posting, with his permission.

The Email:

Sam, I want to thank you for your so quick response, I did noticed the forum you held for him and that has filled my heart with joy ,that’s why I tried to login and drop in the email I wrote you but I couldn’t not do so that is why I sent you directly the email

DAD was a Vietnam Vet and a 30 years army retired man ,he was a very proud Vet that is for sure ,

My Dad was a very proud member of the Firearms Forum ,he put his devotion and heart into it and felt that all persons with whom he was corresponding where very close friends to him he said to me once as he was on the forum that he had the most respect for all of you ,he really considered you all very good and close friends and he respected you all and with some of you he could talk about thing’s he couldn’t talk with others because you understood him as he understood you and it was a relief for him . he was very proud to be a defendant of the 2 amendment and firearms owner he had so many ,he was an outdoor sportsman lover he loved fishing ice fishing hunting as well as bow crossbow hunting but one thing about my DAD is if he said he liked you he really meant it if he didn’t like you he would of tell you straight up, and actually I am about the same I have learn from my dad everything about firearms and thanks to him and how he explain why it is necessary to have a firearm but also everything about safety and how to keep firearms secured

yes my DAD and I had lots of grieves in life but I respected my DAD and we both together worked it out ,my dad’s word was gold that is for sure

I am so joyful to see that my DAD had some good reliable friends that where so kind to say such nice words for him on the Firearms Forum that it has touched me and I would like to thank all of them from the deepest bottom of my heart as well as you Sam for being so good friends to my DAD you have given him everything he needed in the moment he needed it the most

it will be now 9 years on the 17th of this month that my DAD past away that it still leaves me with emptiness and pain in my heart and soul that is how much I love and miss my DAD

Sam again to you and all the ppl from the Firearms Forum I thank you from the deepest of my heart and soul for your comments on my DAD and being so close to him I will as I do every year make a prayer for him I will this time include you and all the Ppl from the Firearms Forum in my prayers for DAD on the 17 th

P.S here is a pic of James.Doyle.Swart AKA Ruffit also AKA gas can Charlie (because he would poor 5 gallons of gaz on the grill to make sure it burns ) could almost burned the yard and the house down to lol but that was what my DAD was my HERO .


Sincerely. Steven-Jay.Swart

The First picture is Ruffit / Jim Swart
The second is Ruffit at age 17 - 18
The last one is Steven.

Everytime I click on this forum I think of Jim.

RIP old friend.
And Steven, he was our hero too. :)


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Great letter and great tribute to a past member who obviously made a huge impact on this forum. Glad to see his son come back to pay a visit and hopefully become a productive member here at TFF. I wasnt around when Ruffit was here, but Sam has said several times that he is missed. I appreciate his service to our country and, I appreciate his donation to this forum and the impact he had on the people that knew him. Thanks for posting...

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I obviously never met the gentleman only being here a few years but it seems like he was a great guy. And I thank anyone who served our country.

Plus having the Ruffit's Domestic & Wild Game Cooking/ Recipe Forum is a nice tribute and so very unique on this or any board online anywhere.

Makes it even more special.
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