Ruger 77/22 Ejection Problems

Discussion in 'Technical Questions & Information' started by CountryGunsmith, Feb 23, 2003.

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    New Ruger 77/22 LR. About 1 or 2 empty's out of clip of 10 won't eject, they stay right on bolt, They do'nt stove pipe they stay on bolt witch of cource causes a jam when I try to close bolt on next round. I've taken it apart , scrubed it, degreased it , lubed it and it still jams . Thought it might loosen up with use but does'nt seem to be getting any better. Only about 200 rounds though. Ant ideas or should I just send it to Ruger. I really do'nt want to have to remove scope and resight if I do'nt have to. Thanks, Dave

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    Re: Ruger 77/22 won't eject
    Are you retracting the bolt all the way?
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    Yes I think so, but if you do'nt make an effort to pull it back fast it gets worse. Whatever is suposed to happen when you pull bolt back is not happing. I have a 77/22 mag that I've had for years and it has never jamed

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    Chief over at Rim Fire Centrel fixed me up. CAN NOT USE 10/22 MAG IN 77/22 LR, MUST USE FLAT BOTTOM MAG made just for 77/22 LR. When bolt is pulled back top of MAG strips off spent shell, ejector only used if gun is fired with out mag in place. Well any it's fixed now. Thanks , Dave

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    Did they say why the rounds weren't ejecting anyway? (using 10/22 mag, nothing to strip round, would the bolt / round continue rearwards to the ejector?)
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    I had the same problems with an older, well used 77-22 but solved it. there is a combination ejector rod/magazine latch assembly pinned to the under side of the reciever. mine had gotten loose....worn pin, worn holes. this assembly cams into the reciever. I cut a couple of shims out of a 7-up can to just fit the cam faces (one on either side) then
    "rolled" the ejector assembly back on with my shims in place....tricky. had to drive the pin back in but this tightened up the ejector assy, no more issues. hope it works for you. telephoneman

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