Ruger 77 Mk II Modifications

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    I'm back again. Still looking at triggers for a LH M77 MKII.
    Looked at Moyers brand at Brownells. Does Moyers have a web page? Also saw a Spec-Tech industries trigger. Does anyone have any experience with either of these brands on Ruger bolt actions?

    Stock question, Bell and Carlson Caroblite stocks? Are they a quality stock ie. durable, well made, etc...

    I would appreciate any info anyone could supply
    Also want to send out a hearty thanks to TAC 401 and the Doc for the replys to my first message.

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    Re: Tricking out M77 MKII
    Dont know of a website for Moyers, but here is their contact inf: Moyers Gun Repair (208-587-6408) .

    The B&C Carbelite wont compare to a McMillan or HS stock, but you're not paying that price either. Be prepared to glassbed the action.

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