Ruger American 450 bushmaster

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    Oct 7, 2009
    Some of you may know these have been special ordered and selling like hot cakes in Michigan. I love the round and was excited to hear ruger was making many more and sending out to multiple gun shops. My local shop got one in and held it for me as I took a look I was very disappointed. 575.00 ea which is a great price! The rifle was 16" threaded for a brake(sold seperately) in a flat dark earth stock. Now I realize the "American" is an economy rifle! IMHO The stock was cheap, the buttpad too short for the round, the barrel seemed to short as well as the stock. Also my preference is a larger sized rifle/stock cause they fit me better and this fell way short. Almost like a youth rifle. Also why the flat dark earth??? Are we hunting deer in Iraq? Black, Camo, or OD green would have been better. So I'm a 450 nutcase and basically will buy anything in that caliber but this was just a horrible fit for me I guess... I applauded ruger for making the bolt action 450 and hope they make it in a better model so to speak. Just my latest $.02