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(7/9/02 12:02:42 pm)
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picked up a Ruger Blackhawk Stainless Steel .45 Colt Bisley grip with a 5.5" barrel. its a limited edition. i like this gun. im not going to change a thing on this gun, other than to put away the original grips and put some aftermarket grips on it. will this gun actually gain much in " appreciation " later? now im worried about scratching it.
p.s. found some info on the .45 Bisley at:
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(7/9/02 12:26:37 pm)
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Re: Ruger KRBN-455W
Rugers are known to have niche collectability, such as the Liberty guns and the flat-bolt M77's, but I imagine it would be quite some time before your Blackhawk fit into that category.
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