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  1. 45nut

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    Jul 19, 2006
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    My Ruger Ranch Rifle couldn't hit a bull in the a$$ with bass fiddle. With a scope I could get 5 or 6" groups at the bench. Occasionally a 4" group. I finally sold it to a buddy and bought something else, can't remember what now. Now, I regret selling it only because it would have made a great truck gun. :D

    My Ruger #77 is another story. I bought it new in about 86, added a Leupold 2x7 and my first time to the range I shot 1" groups at 100 and a sub 2" group at 200 yards with factory Hornady loads with 140 grain Interlock bullets.
  2. Sandman

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    Jun 17, 2009
    My Mini-14 is pretty durned accurate for the first few shots. As with others who have posted, it loses accuracy as the barrel heats up. I am perfectly happy with it as a fun gun. Lots of fun to shoot. I am not planning on competition shooting from a bench with it. It even works for hunting, since I generally only fire one shot, and therefore my accuracy is certainly good enough to hit anything I am hunting with it.

    I have heard criticism from people about the mini-14's accuracy, but it is not often that I hear criticism of Ruger in general. I find them to be a maker of high quality products at a reasonable price. Their customer service (in my experience) is great. I have bought many Ruger firearms, both rifles and handguns, and expect that I will buy more in the future. In fact, they are the manufacturer of choice for me.

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    Have not played with a mini 14 in years but a buddy of mine showed up this past weekend with one he had just purchased. It had massive ftf's. If I recall correctly these rifles don't particularly care for aftermarket magazines. His 20 rounder fed fine but the 30's he had would not work, they looked like they were not up far enough for the round to chamber. As I am not real familiar with this firearm I did not want to play with the mags to see if they could be made to work.
    This leads me to two questions I have about the mini 14
    1) is there a fix for the aftermarket mags or an after market mag that will work in 30 rounds

    2) What is the difference between a mini 14 and a ranch mini 14

    Be kind:)
  4. 312shooter

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    Sounds like there is a pretty consistent opinion on the mini 14, check your barell twists there are 1/10 1/9 and 1/7, use a bullet proper bullet weight and except for the 1/10 should be fairly accurate.
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    Jun 19, 2010
    I note that this is an old thread, and the participants are likely gone, but Suwannee Tim, how can a gun that is copied after and looks like an M1 be considered ugly??

  6. Laufer

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    Another often unstated bias against them is quite well documented at "Perfectunion".
    Until just after the pres. election, Ruger only sold their factory 20-rd. Mini 14 mags to LEOs etc.
    Strange timing to release these mags to regular citizens?

    And until about six months ago, there were no Ruger factory mags with more than 5-rds. for the Mini 30. Now you can buy 20-rd. factory Ruger mags for the 30s.
    Ruger Inc. lost many loyal customers years ago because of Ruger Inc's attitudes on this issue, even long after Bill Ruger died.
    Most aftermarket mags were either really bad (no feed at all) or often unreliable.
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