Ruger Mk11, fixed sites or adjustable sites

Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by Smokin Guns, Mar 9, 2003.

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    Reply Ruger Mk11, fixed sites or adjustable sites
    Im considering a MK11. Has anyone had any problems with accuracy with the fixed sites? Are they adjustable for windage?

    Do i need to spend the extra money to get the adjustable models?

    Most of my shooting will be plinking, target up to 25 yards.

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    Re: Ruger Mk11, fixed sites or adjustable sites
    Get the adjustable. You will be much happier. I have seen massive accuracy problems with the fixed sights.
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    Reply Re: Ruger Mk11, fixed sites or adjustable sites
    Thanks Warpig883

    I presume that you have or had a standard model ruger that you had prolbems with. if not, What kind of experiece do you have with these guns?

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    Reply Re: Ruger Mk11, fixed sites or adjustable sites
    hi Pasquot and welcome to the TFF!

    i've got a mark ii target competition. i was vascillating over when .22 to get and pretty much everyone said to buy the best i can afford. so i got the top o line one. a buddy at my range also has one. he put a $20 red dot on his and he shoots as well free hand (one hand) with the red dot as i do on a rest with both hands. when he uses a rest, he can make one ragged hole just larger than a quarter.

    i probably should get a scope, but it's almost like cheating. btw, mine has adjustable sights. didn't mess with windage much, if at all, but did screw around with elevation until i got consistent at where i was aiming. (i think "real" people call it the target picture or somethin)

    =) =)
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    Reply Re: Ruger Mk11, fixed sites or adjustable sites
    Pasquot: .
    i agree with warpig go for the adjustable sights for sure, Remember these things are mass produced and if you want to be accurate you need as many variables as you can get. You will thank yourself for it later,
    Keep us posted with what you decide and how well it turns out for you. I am right now looking at a MK11 stainless, 6 5/8" flat sided bull barrel with adjustable sights at my local gun shop. I have been there getting it out and looking at it for about a week now, ha ha.. I also am looking at the beretta u22neos, it is a very impressive gun and about 100.00 less than the ruger. MATT

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    Reply Re: Ruger Mk11, fixed sites or adjustable sites
    Beretta Sucks, but you didn`t hear it from me......IB said it!!!

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