Ruger New Bearcat Revolver

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    My girlfriend likes to go shooting with me if I keep it to rimfire.
    She does not care for the heavy artillery. She likes my ruger single six 7 1/4 barrel. I took her to the gun shop one day to get her to buy a .22 handgun so we would each have one to shoot. She really likes the Ruger New Bearcat Revolver. I only have one reservation about it, the trigger is so thin it is like heavy wire. Just wanted to know if anyone has one and if so did you have any problems with it. The gun sells for 350.00 at this particular store. We cant afford to make any mistakes so any input you can give would be great. Thanks

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    I have never owned one before, so I can't help you out much there, But have you givin any thought to buying her a semi-auto .22 instead? In my opinion they are so much more fun to shoot.

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    Not much on the Colt style SA`s in .22`s, but did have a Ruger Blackhawk(I think that was the model) back in the early 70`s in .22mag and LR. Adjustable sights and a real pleasure to shoot.....very accurate too. It was swiped.....I was sad...never replaced it. Sure like the Ruger auto`s now though, love 22/45`s and they are now my passion....more fun too. JMHO
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