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  1. starman

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    Dec 23, 2008
    I've decided ?? to purchase a model 5003 Redhawk Hunter, This is the one that comes with the machined barrell for the included scope rings. I've been trying to decide between it and the S&W 629. Everyone I've spoke with say's go with the Ruger in 44mag. I've read up and know the difference in frame material and the manufacturing process, cast vs. forged etc...
    In my own mind I believe the S&W should hold up over time even though its lighter, but most guys are saying the Ruger will out last it. I like the looks and feel of the S&W but if the Ruger will live longer then I guess I'll go with it.

    I'm always open to other opinions so chime if you like, I would love to hear from someone that has experienced both side by side.

    Here's a few things to consider:
    1. Which is more accruate out of the box?
    2. Which has the nicer trigger pull ?
    3. Which will last the longest and stay tight over the long haul ?
    4. Which would have the best Re-sale, heaven forbid I would ever consider?
    5. Any other comparison are welcome.

  2. oscarmayer

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    Jun 24, 2008
    you'll get various opinions on this topic, but here is mine for what it's worth. as for more accurate it's a toss up , the trigger pull doesn't matter it's a matter of choice , you can always have a gun smith make the trigger pull to your liking. . last the longest... again a toss up but if i'd have to guess , it would be the ruger and now for resale value does it really matter , you'll get hosed on both of them if you try to trade it in at a gun store. both are "special purpose" type of guns and the market will not be as good as it would be on a handier type of gun , such as a redhawk in 357 ( if they even still make them ) or one in 44 mag with the 5.5 inch barrel . now back to the value question ask yourself this how much is the ruger vs. the smith ? if the ruger is less then the smith and wesson it stands to reason it'll be worth less if and when you have to sell it. it's all porportional

  3. BobMcG

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    Nov 27, 2005
    Somewhere in the Twilight Zone.
    It sounds like your investing in a hunting handgun?

    At any rate, to compare the longevity of the two you have to ask yourself just how many full power loads you plan on sending downrange each year.
    Most people I know (me included) do the majority of their shooting with reduced magnum or special rounds to practice hold, sight picture, trigger control and just plain getting in plenty of time with the firearm. Obviously numerous full power loads are used to choose or develop suitable rounds and become proficient with them but are a minority of the rounds fired in practice over a years time.

    In your words, you feel the Smith should hold up well enough and you like the looks and more importantly the feel of the Smith better. Do you really think you'd be doing yourself a big favor by purchasing the Ruger instead???
  4. trex1310

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    Apr 11, 2009
    Mobile, AL
    Oscarmayer pretty much covered everything. Years ago when I shot IHMSA silhouette regularly I would put about 300-400 rounds a month of full house .44magnums and about 50 rounds during a match. A S&W 629 would last about
    3 or 4 months before work was needed to tighten it back up. No problems with a Ruger Redhawk or a Blackhawk. Of course the gun of choice was a Dan Wesson 44VH8 (no longer made). This is my personal experience. I shot all of the mentioned guns at one time or another. The DW was my favorite andI still have it. Serial # is IHMSA-xx. Hope this helps.

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  5. armabill

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    Sep 2, 2002
    Glenolden, Pa.
    Have you considered the New Super Blackhawk-Bisley Stainless Hunter?

    I was deciding between the Redhawk Hunter and the Blackhawk Hunter. I went with the Blackhawk and so did my son.
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