Rugers outstanding customer service!

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    A few weeks back I added a red dot scope to my MKIII target. Me being stupid I did not use lock tite on the base mount screws. Well after about 3 rounds the scope base started to rattle. I took the base off and had the filler plugs in my range bag that came with the gun. I was on a table and somehow one of those little set screws rolled away without me seeing it. I called ruger to buy new ones they sent 3 new stainless ones at NO CHARGE. They also sent me two new magazines when I described a problem to the woman about feeding. She told me it was from using Remington Ammo. I have to give them a thumbs up on their great customer service.
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    >...I described a problem to the woman about feeding. She told me it was from using Remington Ammo.<

    I've been telling people that for years, but no one listens to me. :p

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    Let me tell you about my Ruger experience. I had a serious problem with the bolt stop pin not coming out of my Mark II. I sent it back to Ruger. They fixed it. They also beat the crap out of it. They had to replace parts they broke trying to fix it. It looks like they beat the crap out of the pin until it came out. destroyed a part in the frame that they had to weld back in. In the process they messed up the bluing where they welded the piece back in and didn't fix it! I had to touch the bluing up! After examining the pieces I think the square piece of metal in the frame that the pin goes through was in crooked from the factory because when they punched out the bolt stop pin I noticed it had metal shaved off of the pin. They said they also replaced parts like the extractor? Why, I don't know. It fired great, I just could not take it apart. They replaced the mag latch probably because they smashed it when punching out the bolt stop pin. Anyway, comes apart real easy now and they didn't charge me a dime for fixing it. Probably because of the way it looked when I got it back. I had to repair all the cosmetics to make it look decent again. Having said all this I was really disappointed how they handled it.